Ryan Lam

Student at the University of Waterloo

Physics and Computing Student

Backend Developer

Hi there!

I'm Ryan,

I'm a second-year physics and computing co-op student at the University of Waterloo. I'm interested in software development, machine learning, computational physics, data science, and startups. In my free time, I enjoy coding, gaming, watching documentaries, and attending hackathons (doing backend development).

This term, I'm interning at JamLabs as a software test engineer, where I design end-to-end tests and build CI/CD workflows. In addition to my intern, I'm on the Waterloo Rocketry Design Team as a software member. I'm currently helping out on the website project by re-writing the website in ReactJS (as opposed to static files).

I'm currently seeking co-op/internship opportunities for Fall 2022 and Winter 2023.

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